Driestar-Wartburg | Merger challenges and breaking silos



Merger challenges and breaking silos

Driestar-Wartburg, a school group for secondary education with a Reformation foundation, was created after a merger between eight different locations. The merger brought challenges because of the different DNAs of the organizations involved. With a total of 800 teachers, Driestar-Wartburg became a sizable organization. However, after the merger, opportunities for face-to-face meetings between the support staff teams became limited. This made collaboration difficult and resulted in the formation of silos. In addition, there was a need for support in evaluating the merger and collaboration.



Serious games as tools for unity

Scholengroep Driestar-Wartburg has called in InContext to promote connection and break down the silos that had arisen within Driestar-Wartburg. To achieve this, we used several serious games. These games created a safe environment in which teams could collaborate, communicate and discover each other’s qualities. Through various meetings in different formations, we strengthened the mutual bonds and helped the teams get to know each other better. We also supported the directors in evaluating the merger and evaluating their collaboration, gathering insights and making recommendations for further improvements.

The solution and the result

  • Promoting connection: By using our serious games, we have strengthened the connection between the teams within Driestar-Wartburg. This has led to a better understanding of each other’s backgrounds, perspectives and expertise.
  • Breaking silos: Our interventions helped break down silos within the organization. By getting teams to work together and pursue common goals, the walls between departments have crumbled, creating an (even) stronger sense of unity.
  • Optimal use of qualities: Through the serious games, the teams at Driestar-Wartburg have gotten to know and utilize each other’s qualities. This has led to a more efficient collaboration, where the diverse skills and expertise of the teachers are optimally utilized.
  • Reducing workload: We supported teams in identifying the causes of high workloads and implementing strategies to reduce them.

Through this approach, the teams at Driestar-Wartburg have built better cooperation. They collaborate more, pay attention to the differences between the organizations, improve communication and experience higher trust and a shared focus. In addition, they have gained a better understanding of each other’s qualities and strengthen each other.

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