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Discover the power of the business simulation SLAM

In the dynamic world of ASML, the past few years have been filled with unprecedented success, rapid growth and technological breakthroughs. This has had a tremendous impact on employees and the organization as a whole. The success has led to various challenges, including onboarding, knowledge sharing, end-to-end awareness and maintaining a rock-solid organizational culture.

ASML’s ambition is to maintain and strengthen its organizational culture and increase the impact of its employees. The goal is to promote customer focus, business insight and a quality mindset. ASML wanted to ensure that participants not only understand, but actually live through how decisions and actions can make the positive difference within the entire end-to-end process.



The SLAM business simulation

In collaboration with ASML, we therefore developed the SLAM Business Simulation. This immersive role-based simulation offers ASML employees the unique opportunity to experiment with new behaviors and gain insight into the complexity of the organization. Participants step into a fictional organization, called SLAM, and get immersed in a world that seamlessly matches daily reality. They step into the shoes of different roles and experience specific challenges in a safe, simulated environment. This way, they can try out new behaviors and gain in-depth insight into the complex ASML organization through recognizable real-life situations.


Embedding new behaviors

The impact of the SLAM simulation on ASML employees is profound. They not only further developed their leadership skills, but also improved their strategic decision-making. Through the simulation, they become fully aware of their essential role in ASML’s success and understood how their daily tasks and decisions made a difference in the bigger picture. SLAM encourages participants to try out new behaviors and take the positive impact to the real world.

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Behavioural change

Business simulations

A simulation of your organization provides a safe environment for people to experiment with behavior.

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“If you are wondering how our organization works, you have got to experience SLAM!”

Participant SLAM business simulation