Leander van Bijnen


What I really like getting my teeth into at InContext is Strategic Transformation and Change. How do I do this? By comparing organizations to a piece of music. As a passionate musician, I know that music makes an impact and surprises the listener through a variety of factors. Power is one factor, generated by every note being played in precisely the right place. The piece has to be dynamic, giving it energy and zest. Finally, the success or failure of a piece is determined by its being played at the right pace.

People are like musical notes in an organization. Each individual contributes to the bigger picture. This works best when they can do their thing in the right place at the right time. This strengthens talent and ability. I, and we, as InContext, really help people come into their own by teaching them new skills and providing inspiration, which, of itself, motivates change.

We change the dynamics of an organization by bringing together different people and their qualities. This gives energy and encourages movement. At InContext, we like energetic organizations with spirit. Teamwork is not always easy. My experiences and background in HR have taught me to appreciate and love the strength, determination and inexhaustible power of man.

I use all my senses to find the right tempo: I look, feel and taste the atmosphere and act accordingly. At InContext, I use my analytical and creative ability to get an immediate impression of what’s going on in an organization, observing where the energy flows, people’s concerns and the role played by underlying values.

I’m convinced that organizations only excel when they make optimal use of the powers of people. I am proud to work for InContext, because they are as passionate about people as I am.

Leander van Binnen

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  • BSc Human Resource Management, Utrecht
  • MSc Policy, Communication & Organization, Amsterdam


​AHOLD, ASML, Interxion, KPMG and USG People