Dennis Bastiaenen


I learned to be considerate of others from a very early age. I find it easy to connect with people. I’m interested in where they come from, and want to understand why they behave the way they do. As a result people feel confident being open and vulnerable with me. This means I can gauge what others might need. This is a great asset in my work as a consultant – in the field of leadership and team development – and lays a stable foundation for the training and coaching of Change and/or Development processes.

Colleagues describe me as modest, involved, tactful and a real team player. I prefer to research and observe initially and then give an opinion based on what I’ve experienced. I don’t shy away from the competitive element either: I just love to win! Creating the success of others is what makes winning such fun. However, it should never be at the expense of another. I am loyal and have an unshakeable confidence in people.

I believe in the power of continuous self-development through learning. I think it’s great that InContext can help organizations, teams and individuals in this learning process, which in turn, energizes me. When I’m working with individuals or groups, there’ll always be a lot of laughter in the air.

Dennis Bastiaenen

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  • BSc en MSc Business Administration


Randstad, ProRail, ASML, KPMG