InContext solutions for Organizational Transformation and Change Management 

Learning and Development programs for teams and employees

These programs not only enable employees to optimize their contribution to the change process, but also enable you, as manager or advisor, to focus on the right interventions for the right goals.

Our programs focus on paying the attention necessary for achieving successful organizational change. This means that several different interventions can be used as part of the program; team building activities, trainings activities, a variety of games and Management Games, group interventions, individual or duo coaching and many more options. In short: interventions that seamlessly tie into whatever is needed for the complete realization of the transformation.

Change Leadership for Senior Leaders

Changing people’s habitual behavior, breaking up a redundant culture or breathing new life into the current one is hard. As a leader or sponsor, you’re 100% behind the organizational change and you set everything in motion to make it a success. The way senior managers behave is always under close scrutiny. Your own behavior, the way you communicate, your choices and top-level teamwork can make or break your planned transformation. InContext supports leaders and top teams to optimize their own mindset and behavior that are the foundation for successful transformation.

A practical and effective transformation program

InContext helps organize and manage change in your organization, your department and your teams: creating and implementing a practical change program that secures the planned changes without losing sight of your priorities, day-to-day responsibilities or over-burdening teams with too many tasks. We do this by developing a clear and custom-built step by step change program that successfully implements your planned changes. We translate ideas into practice. This creates a concrete and relevant change program focusing on both business and people.

State of the art Business Simulations speed up transformation

Here’s what we’re best at: designing a riveting Business Simulation helping people in your organization explore the planned transformation before it actually happens.

A Business Simulation provides the opportunity to develop a common and generally supported vision of the new organization and at the same time enables sharing and reviewing current images, feelings and ideas and holding them up to scrutiny. This raises motivation, removes resistance and speeds up transformation.

Coaching for key people

If you are responsible, as a manager or advisor, for part of the transformation, your role is essential.  Your exemplary behavior, as an agent of change, is crucial if you want to bring about changes in the organization. ‘Practice what you preach’ is a basic principle for a successful Change Agent.  To realize this principle on the ground, InContext provides individual coaching and support for key figures in the change processes. InContext facilitates coaching on themes such as Authentic Leadership in Change, Resistance versus Commitment and Facilitation Skills.