Organizational culture

Organizational culture

Culture is a condition for productivity, innovation, connection and job satisfaction for any organization. However, the opposite is also true: a culture that does not work, hinders the organization from achieving goals and moving forward. Moreover, it can be an energy drain, which comes at the expense of motivation and engagement.

That is why culture should be a top priority and a daily focus for every leader, especially with organizational change or new partnerships. However, culture is intangible: you cannot grasp it, calculate it or buy it. How do you find the buttons to turn, to adapt or strengthen your culture?

InContext is specialized in influencing the organizational culture, and making it more tangible and simplified, in order to solve problems and enhance success.

We would be happy to discuss and positively influence the culture in the team or organization with you. We can help you, as a partner, in the cultural change with practical interventions and tools, both small and large, that contribute to the desired positive, productive, and healthy culture.

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Rapid developments in society and technology demand new business models. Attention to the organizational culture is essential in this respect. This e-book contains an innovative step-by-step plan for culture change that is both simple and practical.

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E-book - The 5 steps of cultural change within your organization