Michelle Vaessen


I was born the daughter of a large entrepreneurial family and I was introduced to the business world at an early age. I was brought up with the idea of having a ‘heart and soul’ commitment to the business you’re involved with. My initial interest in this world was the intersection between innovation and technology and later with IT. I have guided and supported many of these types of change and implementation programs with previous employers. I noticed, over time, that it was the human aspect that really interested me.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that many people have negative associations with change and, as a result, they’ve developed resistance to it. After all, it’s very comfortable to hold on to what you already know and can do. However, undergoing change processes gives rise to something positive in people and it’s that contrast between before and after the process I find so fascinating, even beautiful.

I’m happy to use (for participants) recognizable work forms during interventions, but I’m also happy to work with more active working methods, such as serious gaming. This confronts participants, in a safe learning environment, with the effects of their own behavior, simultaneously raising their awareness of it. In addition, I like to take the time to coach people and guide them into making the right choices themselves and thus grow in their personal and professional development.

InContext reminds me of home. It feels like an extra family.

I feel comfortable in a small organization like InContext; the human aspect is central both externally and internally. You are seen (and appreciated) and that creates a real connection. Every day I’m encouraged to explore my own interests and to make my own mark on projects. That’s how I can be myself and make a lasting impact on customers.

Michelle Vaessen

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  • BSc: Commercial Economics (Hogeschool Utrecht)
  • Pre-master: Business Administration and Management (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam)
  • MSc: Business Administration and Management (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam)


ASML, Accenture, ING, PwC, Akzo-Nobel, Unilever, FedEx