Merinde van de Ven

About me

Companies and their environment are constantly changing. I learned this at a very early age because of my parent’s work as well as during later change and implementation projects I had a leading role in. You often see that companies focus on changing strategy, structure or processes but underestimate the change that must take place in the employees. What fascinates me is how we can help employees understand this change process and translate it into the desired behavior. I like to make the solution simple and tangible by listening carefully and looking objectively at the situation.

I get a lot of energy from motivating and enthusing people and I find that fun is central to this. I also like working on complex issues where I can use my creativity to achieve the best results. I prefer to do this with colleagues and the client, and I see myself as a real connector. I commit to this vision every day, going the extra mile together to ensure sustainable change and growth.

Merinde van de Ven

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  • BSc, Business Administration
  • MSc, Marketing Management
  • Honours Master ‘Leadership: making the difference!’
  • MSc, Change Management


Valcon (previous First Consulting), Ahold Delhaize, EBF Groningen, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and MARUG