Management Games

Zero boredom, maximum impact

Our management games are the most engaging way to develop knowledge, insight and awareness.

They facilitate an intense dialogue about key themes such as vision & strategy, core values, team collaboration, culture, integrity and diversity. They show how each individual can make more impact.

Our management games are engaging, fun and a team experience to remember.

We are focused on sustainable results, on intense shared learning experiences, on high energy. On giving people the opportunity to challenge themselves, experimenting with different behaviors and experiencing the results for themselves, for their team, for their company.

Some examples

01. LinkXs Team alignment & development

One of our most played games by many leading companies. This impactful management game focuses on cooperation, support, competition and conflict. Linkxs is all about attitudes and skills and can be played by people of diverse educational or professional levels.

People who play Linkxs often discover that they have deeply rooted beliefs and opinions about cooperation and other issues that have a huge influence on their work, such as communication and leadership. People are often hardly aware of the forces that influence these issues in their lives and they are therefore hardly ever discussed. Linkxs provides a framework for analyzing team cooperation in a thorough and versatile way and enables the clearing of any blockages, should this be found to be necessary.

02. Align Organizational values

Align is the value game, that excites your employees to work per the values & principles of your organization. They gain insights in how core values will benefit you and your team in achieving organizational goals. This online game can be customized.

Align triggers intense dialogue about your organization’s core values. It inspires your employees to work according to the core values. Align offers your employees experience in the behaviors aligned with the core values in a fun way. They learn to apply a combination of the values in challenging daily activities, and experience the impact of non-compliant behavior.

03. Stepahead Financial services

Outlearn your competition! StepAhead is a strategic business simulation, which helps your employees to practice setting a strategy to live by, not only in words, but also in actions. You achieve your goal as an organization by outperforming the aggressive competition.

Watch this video about the business simulation Stepahead.

04. BizzBuilder Professional services

This simulation is about realizing the key factors to build a strong, future-proof organization.

Solely delivering quality is not enough, you need to make deliberate choices and actively invest in internal and external relations.

BizzBuilder is interesting for professional service providers who want their staff to experience what is needed to go further than simply retaining business.

This short movie illustrates how InContext developed this organizational game so that it became a precision instrument in understanding your organization.

“It was amazing to experience the energy and excitement. The buzz is still going on.”

Chris van Voorthuysen – HR Director Interxion