Lianne van Andel

About me

What am I curious about? Observing behavior, recognizing patterns in it and looking with others at how it can be improved. Why do people do what they do and what role does the environment play in this? And how can we ensure that ineffective behavior is transformed into something more worthwhile?

I was already interested in this during my studies in the social sciences, and to this day, it forms the essence of what drives me in my work. My HR background within various organizations has given me the opportunity to see and experience at first-hand how a work environment impacts its employees, and therefore the business results. I get my energy from progress and therefore focus on positive (behavioral) change, seeing that others develop, achieve their goals and build together towards stunning results. Not only on an individual level, but also within a team and the organization as a whole.

To achieve this, I approach complex issues from different angles and involve all stakeholders to get the facts on the table. I am convinced that a broad support base creates real added value and the greatest successes of Change. Active collaboration between all parties involved works wonders.

At InContext I am involved in cultural change and team and leadership development. I seek connection through my open, honest and direct approach, but also humor and pleasure in collaboration are of paramount importance to me. Based on my natural urge to observe, I like to start by observing and analyzing a situation, but as soon as action is required and puzzles need to be solved, I get enthusiastic and want to keep going until we have achieved the desired result.

Lianne van Andel

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  • BSc, Social Sciences
  • MSc, Sociology


Rivas Care, OGD ICT-services, Jumbo Supermarkets, IT-Staffing, Newstyle, Belastingdienst (Tax Authority of The Netherlands), SBOH, FGH Bank, Beatrix Theater, Stater and Monsoon Accessorize