Business Simulations

An unparalleled learning experience

You want your organization to get moving in an innovative, impactful and inspiring way. A way that makes a real difference and leaves a lasting memory. Do you want this to be an exciting and entertaining journey of discovery, with  tangible results? For 30 years we’ve been watching our tailor-made business simulations, perfectly reflecting the client’s reality, make all the difference in organizational change.

“If everyone in the organization could do this simulation, we wouldn’t need any other change programs. All the rough edges in the organization that needed to change were included in our simulation!”

InContext’s Business Simulations offer your employees a challenging, intriguing, and above all, realistic environment so they can safely learn, practice and experiment with their own leadership and strategic choices. They get direct experience of the impact of their own decisions and actions and what changes in their approach or behavior could bring about. The result: an unparalleled, high impact learning experience that employees will remember for a lifetime.

“This feels exactly like real life, but now I have the opportunity to experience roles in different parts of the organization and see the consequences of my decisions. This is great!”

Curious what a business simulation could offer your organization? Download our prospectus or contact us. We would be happy to help you with options designed to suit your organization.

Prospectus Business Simulations


Curious what business simulations could offer your organization? We would be happy to help you with options designed to suit your organization. Download our free prospectus for more information.


Prospectus Business Simulations

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What can business simulations offer your organization?

A safe learning environment

In a business simulation, your employees can experiment in a safe environment with their leadership, attitude, choices and behavior and immediately experience the impact this has on the strategy and the desired change. Unforgettable.

Profound insight

Because business simulations are an exact reflection of your organization, situations are recognizable and new behavior can be practiced straight away. This holds up a mirror to your employees and provides insight into opinions, methods and mindset. Impactful.

Direct experience

Participants in your business simulation take decisions and experience the effects directly. They gain insight into how they can contribute to success and what that means in terms of mindset and behavior. This allows you to embed improvements and innovations in daily practice without delay. Successful.

Online, face-to-face and hybrid

InContext develops all business simulations tailor-made for your organization. They can be used for any purpose, at any time, for multidisciplinary teams and for international organizations.  Groundbreaking.

Why InContext?

For 30 years we have been developing high-end business simulations that are an exact reflection of your organization and the vision, culture, strategy and processes designed to add value. This makes the simulation environment inspiring, challenging and instantly recognizable to employees.

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|> Interactive, inspiring and unparalleled learning experiences. Every time