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InContext contributed to improvement at the heart of organizations in 2023

In 2023, InContext again had the opportunity to help a wide variety of organization unleash the positive force within. We are especially proud of a few projects from the past year.

Margin optimization at a global FMCG group

Increasing margin may not be directly in line with our usual focus, yet InContext has proudly worked to measurably improve margin at a leading FMCG company. No quick cost savings, but smart strategy execution that required close alignment within the organization. Our project included a customized simulation and transformation guidance in multiple European countries.

Culture before and after an aviation merger

Culture is at the heart of organizational performance, especially in aviation, and especially when different organizations are integrated. How do you effectively connect different cultures for successful integration? InContext researched the cultures of both organizations in multiple locations around the world and advised on Post Merger Integration. We then stayed involved for months to embed the new culture into core values and daily behaviors.

A project group works out a concept

Social safety at a prominent university

In academia, social safety is crucial for talent retention and collaboration. Which is a breeding ground for academic breakthroughs. InContext has played a leading role in culture change at a progressive academic institution and has contributed to similar developments at other universities. Our programs emphasize equality, inclusion and curiosity, promoting the shift from conflict to dialogue and from polarization to connection.

Data and AI at a Dutch front-runner

Making the best use of data and AI requires more than just the latest technology; it requires a new mindset, starting with the leaders in the organization. InContext has developed a data and AI simulation for a prominent Dutch organization. The game shows not only the power of the innovative technology, but also the pitfalls and required diligence in collecting, processing and analyzing data. This leads to better decision-making at crucial points.

Many impactful projects are also planned for 2024. Wondering what we will do for organizations in 2024? Follow us on LinkedIn and get inspired by our projects.

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