Ida-Jacoba de Vries

About me

My life motto and passion can be summed up in the phrase, “The greatest thing you can become is yourself.” Where for “yourself” can be filled in as an individual, a team and an organization. The “most beautiful” represents most optimal version of yourself, and that you have something beautiful, unique and talented to offer each at point in this development journey. “Becoming” implies action and a process, while “being yourself” stands for authenticity. To me, the whole describes infinite development, purpose and positive change.

I recognize my life motto in the values of InContext. Making lasting positive impact together with my colleagues is why I work at InContext.

I have a background as a chemical technologist. I worked for 15 years in various plants in the chemical and food industry. The (change) experience I gained here, I bring with me as a consultant and allows me to connect with the practice of our participants.

In addition, I use sensitivity and intuition. I observe and feel what is going on, both what is visible and invisible. I ask questions because I am curious about the why and what drives the behavior of organizations and people. With my conceptual and analytical ability, I can translate these insights into a strategy and plan of action. I am committed to people and results, and I bring enthusiasm and energy to everything I do.

In my free time, I am active and enjoy sports such as hiking, running, rowing and yoga. Traveling is another passion, combining hiking with discovering new cultures and enjoying nature.

Ida-Jacoba de Vries

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