A high performance culture

A high performance culture

There is a strong correlation between high performing organizations and culture. Financially healthy and successful organizations have, in most cases, a powerful and distinctive corporate culture. InContext supports, designs and facilitates the building of a High Performance Culture and High Performing Teams. 

The characteristics of a high performance culture:

01. Clear and consistent vision

This creates clarity about the identity, the raison d’être, the ‘why and wherefore’ of the organization. It determines how choices are made about, for instance, strategy or how an organization is set up. As such, the vision forms, not only the foundation of a high performance culture, but an altogether visionary organization.

02. High performance leadership

High performance leadership is more than good management. It is the driver behind exceptional performances of teams and of individuals. It demands that the leader be in continual contact with themselves, the organization, their people and the outside world.
High performance leaders develop their own unique combination of ambition and wisdom, are an example to others, offering others genuine reasons to perform, the space to grow, bond and develop.

03. A high performance organization is reflected in people’s everyday behavior

People determine whether a company is actually able to grow to become a high performance organization; people who behave in a way congruent with the gaining of a maximal result for the organization as a whole. Determining which behavior is desired and how that is to be aligned with what the organization wants to achieve is of crucial importance. An individual’s behavior, plus the sum total of everyone’s behavior must be a reflection of what you want to see in your organization. Behaviors you might want to find, amongst others, in a high performance culture are: high energy levels, action-focused colleagues, an open feedback culture, powerful commitment, mutual empowerment and choices directed towards the maximum result for the organization as a whole.

04. Effective talent management

A high performance culture demands unique people with special qualities and an extreme motivation. Attracting, developing, placing and holding on to such talent demands a focused approach to talent management.

InContext high performance culture services: 

Leadership development

Leadership at all levels is vital for successful organizations. Who is assertive and assured, takes responsibility, knows what they stand for and motivates themselves and others to give of their best? Who is open for the opinions of others, carries people along in decision-making, celebrates the successes of colleagues and convinces without coercion? Who sticks to their values even when the going gets tough, protects their boundaries, and makes their choices explicit? Leaders do. Building a real, sustainable, humane and energetic leadership is one of the most important contributions we, as a consultancy firm can deliver.

Vision: more than just shareholder value

Organizations that have a trusted and shared vision perform demonstrably better: it is the future you wish to create with your organization: it is what makes your clients and your people within the company enthusiastic and it is the future target to which your organization is moving.

InContext facilitates in exploring, devising, formulating and implementing a fitting, clear and shared vision for whole companies or sections of the organization.

Analyzing culture and values

InContext surveys how the present organization is perceived by staff members and by clients, and how effective the organization is in meeting the expectations of both employees and the market. InContext works with you to compile and design a potential profile of the organization. A gap-analysis provides insight into what changes the organization could make in order to become more successful.

Matching staff members with the actual situation and with the potential profile of the organization establishes what the change potential is, and based on this, it can be determined where extra action needs to be taken in order to achieve that potential.

Focussed talent development

The strength of well run and successful organization rests to a large extent on the talent of individuals. The focussed development of that potential and linking it to the shared mission makes an important contribution to the realization of organizational objectives and goals. Each person is unique, has aptitudes, and every colleague has a unique contribution to make to the progress of an organization.


Talent development is the development and synchronizing of individual capabilities, capacities and ambitions with those of the organization. The more the requirements of a function or job are determined by and offer space for personal preferences, the more interest grows in the importance of focussed talent development. This very definitely applies to leadership roles and strategic functions, but also to other echelons. InContext works with this vision as it supports organizations in boosting the talent in their organization.

InContext provides innovative and high impact programs based on extensive experience to organizations such as Leaseplan, Aegon, ING, Achmea, Heerema and Damen.

Embedding behavior

Our core expertise is the influencing of human behavior: stimulating people to take responsibility and to give of their best. Central aspects of our work are raising awareness, cultivating insight, developing competencies and skills. Our approach to implementation is based on developmental learning through experience.

Starting out from clear and recognizable situations and supported by practical applications of behavioral models we challenge people to take responsibility for their own personal development. We inspire them by letting them experience the effect of new approaches and alternative behavior and motivate them to actually use them.

Over many years we have built up a wide range of inspiring tools and behavioral models which have more than proved their practical value.

Team development

InContext uses tests and diagnostic models to gain insight into the factors that either promote or in fact actually block effective teamwork in specific situations. InContext utilizes trainings, advice, games and simulations to help find the most appropriate way to do justice to the specific talents and strengths of individual team members. We help participants become aware of the way their own behaviors influence the team’s performance and let them experience for them-selves how the team’s efficacy can be optimized in their own specific situations.