Femke van den Berg


For as long as I can remember the topic of learning has peaked my interest. I am always eager to acquire new knowledge and skills to grow in all aspects of my life. Additionally, through my studies I came to enjoy the art of offering these opportunities to others as well. I get excited when others obtain new theories, perspectives and behaviors.

My background in Educational Sciences offers me a solid foundation to perform my tasks as a consultant at InContext. It has proven useful in the development of various interventions, such as leadership development programs, business games and simulations. My positive yet critical approach helps me to identify your organizational needs for further development or optimization.

When working as a facilitator, I take time to listen, observe and analyze both group and individual needs. I use this as input to challenge each person to achieve learning objectives. I strive to construct and facilitate long-lasting effective interventions that are meaningful to both the individual and the organization. Making the right impact is what makes me feel proud.

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  • MSc Interventions in Childhood (Jönköping University, Zweden)
  • MSc Educational Sciences
  • Bachelor of Education in Primary Schools (4-12 years old)
  • BSc Educational Sciences


Accell Group, Interxion, KPMG, Novartis