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Successful teams with a free flow of feedback

Feedback often has a negative connotation, and executives and organizations regularly struggle with it. Yet feedback is an essential part of a healthy professional culture and organizations can grow enormously through it. Provided, of course, that feedback is shared freely and you want to help the other person with it.

A free flow of feedback
A feedback culture delivers a lot to you, your team and your organization. In the involvement of employees and thus preventing unwanted turnover, but also in creating agility and achieving results. At team level, more trust and understanding is created, which also makes the mutual communication more effective. Finally, individual employees experience a clearer division of roles and have a better view of the expectations and the big picture. This enables them to contribute more effectively to the success of the team and the organization while being motivated and growing themselves.

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”
Ken Blanchard

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In this e-book, you’ll read about what feedback is, but also what it isn’t. We look at the relationship with the organizational culture, the preconditions and the importance of leadership. The goal is to make feedback a normal and essential part of the way we work together and as a condition for success!

Would you also like to have a free flow of feedback within your team and thus be able to work together more successfully? Download the e-book or contact us, we would love to help you.

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Succesful teams with a free flow of feedback
Building a feedback culture, and therefore a learning and high-performance culture, will benefit your team and organization greatly.

Download the e-book here and read how sharing feedback helps your team work better together, be more agile and strengthen results.

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E-book 'Successful teams with a free flow of feedback'

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