Whitepaper – Development of leadership,
co-operation & trust in teams

Team development is customization. Which approach suits your team?

The current situation in the world is forcing teams to focus on their own development. What kind of leadership do we need, how to cooperate and how do we develop trust?

In this whitepaper we discuss different kinds of teams and their associated characteristics. We then discuss the relevant personal and team development in the 4 types of teams and the implementation of their management processes and how to establish mutual trust. Finally, four points for consideration to help in choosing the right approach.


After reading this whitepaper

  • You recognize the different types of teams and you are aware of the different characteristics.
  • You know where the focus lies for the personal and team development of your team members.
  • You know how to lead your team(s) in a well thought-out way.
  • You are aware of the importance of mutual trust and you are able to further strengthen this.
  • You know how to start developing and managing your team(s), supported by the four points of consideration.
Whitepaper Development of Leadership

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Whitepaper 'Leadership, cooperation and trust in teams'

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