Daan Bak


With a tech entrepreneur as a father and a mother with an academic art background, I grew up at the intersection of business, technology and design. As a child of my parents, I inherited both qualities. This sparked a motivation in me to bridge the gap between business and creativity. Why? Because I believe that today’s challenges require unique solutions that lead to new insights and strategies to drive growth and positive impact.

I am fully committed to this vision and I work every day to make a positive impact within client organizations. My goal is not to color within the lines, but looking, in partnership, for new ways of doing, taking action, working with challenges and creating growth to make the world a little nicer and more fun every day.

Daan Bak

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  • BSc, Amsterdam Fashion Institute
  • MSc, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, University of Warwick


Intravacc, Swiss Re, ABN Amro, Post NL, Eli Lilly