Conversation skills

Learn to communicate in a structured and effective way 

Every day, we all have numerous conversations. How do you achieve the best result out of each conversation, for yourself and for the other? Conducting an appraisal interview as a manager, addressing behavior to a colleague or convincing someone of your point of view; good conversation techniques are useful in every situation.

We developed a communication model, which is described in the book The Winning Dialogue. This model can be applied to every conversation. It gives you new insights and techniques to improve the outcomes of (difficult) discussions. The model is flexible in use, so you are able to easily switch during a conversation.

Why invest in conversation skills?

You will learn: 

  • to communicate in a more structured and effective way
  • different ways to influence and negotiate
  • techniques for having difficult conversations
  • to deal with emotions and resistance
  • how to communicate openly
  • how to keep control during a conversation in a natural way

Training courses tailored to your objectives and organization

We tailor our training courses to your objectives and context. A conversation skills training alternates theory and practice. The course starts with an explanation and insights about the theory of the communication model from The Winning Dialogue. In conversations, participants learn to differentiate between content, process and emotions. As a result, they are enabled to influence the course of a conversation and know how to discuss possible resistance or emotions.

Offering experiences is the most effective way for participants to acquire knowledge. Therefore, after discussing the theory, participants are challenged in role plays with an actor. They practice their attitude and behavior in a safe environment and receive immediate feedback. In order to make role plays as relevant as possible, we develop cases that are in line with daily practice or we start with cases submitted by participants.