Business Simulations

‘Now I see the whole picture, I can make different decisions’

A picture says more than 1000 words; an experience says more than 1000 pictures

Nearly every organization faces an ongoing challenge to ensure alignment, end-to-end thinking, and understanding how to contribute to the big picture. You often see that there is a fantastic strategy on paper. But do employees understand what this means for their role? And what is the why behind the strategy? A business simulation reveals the drivers of collaboration, connection and success. With this experience you create a group of business changers.

Real-time interaction and realistic roles make the difference

In a business simulation, employees can experiment with their leadership and making choices within a recognizable and safe environment, and immediately experience the impact this has on success.

Participants are placed in the middle of the simulation environment, where they have to fulfill a role within the organization. Based on the role-specific information, they will act in the moment. Effects that are not normally related to individual and role-specific choices and behavior, for example due to distance or time, are experienced directly. Thanks to the joint learning experience, all participants gain insights that they can no longer ‘unsee’ – and therefore always remember. We are not aware of any other intervention that has this impact.

20 years of experience in custom high-end business simulations

We have been building impactful tailormade high-end simulations for 20 years. Our passion is to turn complex organizations with challenging issues into a clear, impactful business simulation. These serious games are an accurate reflection of the organization, including its structure, primary processes, roles, interests, dilemmas, strategy, culture and company values. As part of the simulation, we create unique software that displays real-time realistic and logical results for each role and the entire organization. This makes the simulation environment immediately recognizable for all employees and ensures an impactful learning experience.

Customized and flexible

We can offer our customized business simulations online, face-to-face and hybrid.

Standalone or integrated into a larger program

Flexible for participants with different backgrounds, experience and learning goals

Adjustable focus (evaluations), group size and duration