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Things need to change. To get your team moving, sail sharper to the wind or implement innovations. But, after a tough Corona year, you also want to get the energy back and improve internal cooperation. Business games are an effective and direct way of increasing knowledge, insight and awareness.

InContext’s Simulation Games facilitate an intense, inspiring and safe environment for dialoguing on essential issues, such as  hybrid working, a learning culture, agility, leadership, motivation, situational leadership, feedback and courageous conversations.

An unforgettable experience. A team enterprise
Business Games are ideal for learning, change and improvement. Participants can immediately translate their experiences into daily practice. This gives your employees an excellent opportunity to challenge themselves, to experiment with different behavior and to experience the consequences for themselves, the team and the organization.

“If everyone in the organization could do this simulation, we wouldn’t need any other change programs. All the rough edges in the organization that needed to change were included in our simulation!” 

For all organizational challenges
InContext has been developing Business Games for all types of organizations at home and abroad for 30 years. Our consultants can transform your questions into relevant solutions like no other. And with our platforms DEBS, Ixplora and Quadrality, costs and development time remain manageable for your organization.

Business Games come in all shapes and sizes. Online, face-to-face and hybrid. You can rest assured that our games motivate, give energy and create a memorable (team) experience.

Curious what a business game can mean for your organization and what options there are? Download our Prospectus or contact us. We would be happy to help you with selecting a game from our range that best  suits your organizational and developmental needs.

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Curious what Business Games could offer your organization? Dowload our free prospectus for more information.


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What options have we got to offer you?



The Quadrality Business Game platform offers you an almost immediate online, interactive game environment. Connects abstract concepts with concrete behavior, strengthens the internal dialogue and establishes a direct relationship with daily working practice.




This serious online gaming tool teaches your employees the short-term and long-term effects of the choices they make. You can use Ixplora as a training tool, as a game or as part of an assessment or selection process.




This online platform enables your employees to get to work with collective and individual challenges they also encounter in their daily work practice. Great for complex situations and multidisciplinary teams.



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Challenge us!

Do you have an unusual, highly specific or complex issue you would like to discuss first with one of our consultants? Of course, we would be happy to arrange a meeting, call or email us and we will contact you as soon as possible.



Why choose InContext?

For 30 years we’ve been developing challenging and inspiring business games that are an exact reflection of your organization and the vision, culture, strategy and processes that you require in order to add value. This makes our simulation games inspiring, challenging and instantly recognizable to employees.

|> The best solutions with results you would not have thought possible
|> We help you to create the future and bring about substantial changes
|> Interactive, inspiring and unparalleled learning experiences. Always.


A game to start with right away


A game focusing on cooperation, support, competition and conflict

LinkXs is a game developed for groups to practice with collaboration, personal leadership, communication and the distribution of available resources. The game is all about skills and attitude, not about knowledge.