Arnoud Franken


Strategy is a story and every organization has one. Just like a good story, a good strategy requires cohesion, conflict and drama, but also an attractive goal that takes the organization to a higher level. That means change until success is achieved. When organizations are successful, they often forget the world around them and continue on autopilot, rapidly losing sight of their goal.

My heroes are those leaders who think outside the box, who are not satisfied with what is, but look beyond the immediate and strive for goals that enrich life. My main drivers are giving these leaders the assistance they need as fast as possible, helping them avoid and overcome obstacles during the change process, and achieve what others thought impossible. The ability to estimate complex situations rapidly as well as understanding human behavior is indispensable, but also being able to think provocatively (gaming, red teaming, scenario planning) in order to prepare for the unexpected.

Nothing gives greater satisfaction than working together to achieve a positive breakthrough. InContext is a leader in the field of Change. They have achieved this position by developing strategic games that lead to change and improvement within organizations. The central question is: how to remain relevant and successful as an organization when the external circumstances are constantly changing? In my work at InContext, I have the opportunity to guide, support and challenge clients experiencing strategic issues, so that, where necessary, I’m able to make that vital difference.

Published work:

When It Takes a Network: Creating Strategy and Agility through Wargaming

How the UK’s Royal Marines Plan in the Face of Uncertainty

Executing Strategic Change: Understanding the Critical Management Elements that Lead to Success

Benefits Management (video)

Arnoud Franken - InContext

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  • Professor of Strategy at Maastricht School of Management
  • Senior lecturer, consultant & trainer at Cranfield School of Management
  • Cranfield University – Engineering Doctorate
  • TU Delft – MSc in Mechanical Engineering


British Airways, Discovery Communications International, GlaxoSmithKline, EMC2, L’Oréal, NATO SHAPE, Royal Navy, Swiss Re, Royal Marines, Novartis