Abdelahad Ezaime

About me

I’ve always been interested in human behavior and the underlying reasons behind decision-making. This is one of the main reasons why I chose to study marketing. My enthusiasm for marketing, sparked during my International Business studies at Hogeschool Utrecht, led me to pursue a Master’s in Marketing Management at Tilburg University.

At InContext, I am responsible for managing various communication channels and shaping our marketing strategies. Together with my colleagues, we strive to increase our organization’s market share in a sustainable manner. 

My career has led me through various aspects of sales, marketing, and recruitment. These diverse experiences have given me a broad perspective, which I now apply in my current role at InContext.

I thrive in an inspiring environment like that of InContext because I am given a lot of responsibility. It’s fantastic to work in a setting where my efforts are appreciated, and where I have the opportunity to unleash my creativity. It’s amazing to see how my contributions have a real impact on our projects and our clients. At InContext, I not only feel valued but also challenged and inspired to give my best every day.

Want to learn more about me and my work at InContext? Feel free to contact me!

Anouschka Lyklema

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  • Bachelor: International Business (Hogeschool Utrecht)
  • Pre-master: Marketing Management (Tilburg University)
  • MSc: Marketing Management (Tilburg University)


Hays Recruitment, VodafoneZiggo