7 good reasons to use a game or simulation

1. Breaking down silos
2. Busting out of the blah, blah, blah
3. Closing the gap between theory and practice
4. Mitigating the clash between ongoing operations and innovation
5. Untangling complex problems
6. Shaking up the roles we play
7. Bolstering trustworthy relation

The new standard

These 7 good reasons are part of the new standard ‘Gamification for Business’. This book provides an overview of:

  • seven obstinate organizational challenges and why game or simulation approaches can be an effective method to overcome these challenges;
  • more than 20 case studies from experienced international contributors who have successfully implemented game-based solutions. These case studies outline the business issue in each case, the impact the game has and key learning points;
  • the core understanding of business gamesby describing the concepts underlying the basic elements used in game situations.

InContext Business Simulations is the Dutch contributor in this new standard work, with three case studies and the publication about the history and future of business games. You can order ‘Gamification for Business’ for EUR 27,50 + shipping costs by sending us an email.

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